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Briana ScottBriana Scott has been working as a freelance make-up artist for the past 10 years in Vancouver, BC. Briana grew up in Vanderhoof, a small northern town in BC, and from a young age she knew she had a passion for the art of makeup. Throughout her high school years, she found herself working as a make-up artist in the local school theatre and of course, doing make-up for family and friends. As a result of her unpaid experience, she decided that becoming a make-up artist would be a fulfilling and exciting endeavour. She decided a move to Vancouver was necessary in order to make her dreams a reality. Thus began her now promising and evolving career.

Briana then attended the Make-up Program at the Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver and received her diploma in 2007. Since then, she has been pursuing her career in freelance make-up. She has worked on such diverse projects as films, music videos, commercials, and editorial shoots. She has also provided numerous services for bridal parties and other special events. Briana showcases a talent for styling intricate and period driven hairstyles on set and in the studio. She has had practice with prosthetics and life casting, earning herself a Master’s Certificate in advanced 3D make-up transfers. She has proven to herself and to the film and television industry that she can bring new and imaginative insight and talent to the projects that she takes on.

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